Hi! I¹m Stephanie Lowe, a freelance writer and editor at GoodtoKnow.

  1. Nanny
  2. Journalist
  3. Social Worker


That was the order 15-year old Stephanie listed her dream careers, and here I am, actually a journalist and making a living from it. I wish I could go back and tell that frizzy-haired Take That obsessed teenager that it CAN and DOES happen...

Though, I never quite had the energy to make it as a nanny and I¹m too soft for the tough life as a social worker. But, journalistŠ that I can do. Or so my 11 years¹ worth of experience would have you believe, haha.


I¹m a journalist across both print and digital. I write, create and edit content, reporting on everything to do with lifestyle, from beauty and fashion to food, drinks, interiors and kids craft. My previous role at HELLO! Magazine also saw a brief foray into the Royals.


I started my journalism career at The Sun's TV Mag as junior writer before moving on to Woman's Own magazine and website as the Lifestyle Writer/Acting Editor.


In addition to lifestyle I¹ve also created articles for at Press Association as the Family and Homes Editor before moving onto an Assistant Editor role at Essentials magazine, developing the print and digital offering of the women's lifestyle title.


I have a passion for interiors ­ which also sits neatly under lifestyle ­ I am currently obsessed with updating my utility room so that it¹s both useful and Insta-stylish, I knowŠ not like I don¹t have enough to keep me occupied in life without worrying about keeping up with the Instas.


When I¹m not working, I am mum to my two-year-old son, Ted. With his love of Œchoo choos¹, Hey Duggee and finger painting he keeps me on my toesŠ if only to keep his fingers off the newly painted walls!