The reason this adorable dog photo is breaking hearts on Twitter

We can't cope!
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  • An English Bulldog has sent the dog-obsessed corner of the internet into a frenzy with his utterly adorable reaction to the coronavirus lockdown.

    The pooch, whose name is Big Poppa, couldn’t help but look down in the dumps over the current state of the world, and his owner couldn’t help taking a snap for social media when she spotted him looking a little glum.

    Big Poppa has been so sad today, I think he miss playing with the kids in the building. He just watches them from the patio.’ Rashida Ellis, who lives in Atlanta, wrote on Twitter.

    Rashida heard her three-year-old furry friend whining out on her balcony and went to investigate, only to find him looking a little sad.

    “He just sat down and dropped his head. I grabbed my phone and took the picture to share with my friends because he was so sad.

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    “I went to go and give him a rub, and I noticed two children outside that Pop plays with sometimes on his walk,” she told Insider.

    The snap of Big Poppa has been melting the hearts of social media users ever since it was posted, with many revealing that their own dogs are relating to her reaction to being stuck indoors.

    My dogs in the same boat. It makes her so sad not to get pet by the people we pass on our walks. And she’s tired of me. Lol,’ one wrote.

    Same energy from my girl, Large Marge,’ a second added, posting a pic of their own pup.

    Omg he’s perfect!! Potato misses his friends too, he’s just a pup and needs to be socializing!,’ agreed another canine owner.

    Rosie is the same. She does not understand why people won’t pet her,’ wrote one more.

    Too bloomin’ cute!