5 features that make the iPhone 8 a great phone for parents

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  • A smartphone can be a parent’s best friend.

    Not only is it a connection to the world outside nappy changes and school runs, but it can also help you capture memories, neutralise tantrums and Google to your heart’s content.

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    Ten years since it launched its first iPhone, Apple announced its latest handset – the iPhone 8 – in a jam-packed event in San Francisco last night.

    With more new features than you’ve got time to read through, we’ve picked our five favourite things that we think make it a sure-fire hit for parents…

    It’s got a great camera

    Take a look in your camera roll and you’ll immediately see why a better camera makes the new iPhone 8 so great for parents. Taking photos is a regular occurrence. Very regular.

    The improved camera on the iPhone 8 is perfect for taking snaps of little ones, offering brighter, sharper and more colourful photos, with improved autofocus for when they’re on the move.

    Its new sensor even promises better photos in low light – perfect for capturing those look-they’re-sleeping! photos, without using the flash.

    It’s easier to charge

    It’s only 9.37am, and you’ve already Googled sneaky ways to hide vegetables in tonight’s dinner, replied to 57 Whatsapp messages, ordered more nappies (and some extra, just in case), booked a doctor’s appointment, and now you’re sitting through your fourth Peppa Pig marathon since 6am. No wonder your phone is low on battery.

    Both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus now feature wireless charging for getting much-needed – and more convenient – charge in between tasks. Just in time for nap time.

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    It’s faster

    Apple’s new A11 Bionic chip does a lot of fancy stuff to make the iPhone 8 the best yet, but all you really need to know is it’s fast. In fact, it’s 25% faster than the iPhone 7, which wasn’t exactly slow in the first place.

    Still, anything that means squeezing more things into less time is #parentinggoals, so not needing to wait around for websites to load or videos to buffer is a big plus in our book. In fact, it’ll take on anything you or a tech-savvy toddler can throw at it, and still have power to spare.

    It’s baby-and-toddler proof

    The new glass-backed design might sound like a parent’s worst nightmare, but it’s the most durable glass ever used on a smartphone (not to mention it’s conveniently wipe clean).

    It’s also secured by an aerospace-grade aluminium bezel around its edges for taking any knocks on the chin, plus is microscopically sealed to guard it against any unintended dunks during bath time.

    You get more storage space

    No one is going to try and tell you the iPhone 8 is a cheap phone. Like most flagship phones, its price tag doesn’t exactly make for easy reading.

    Apple is at least trying to soften the blow (a little) by making sure you never run out of storage. It now offers a pretty generous 64GB as its base model (last year it was 32GB) and a huge 256MB option available for £150 more. That’s probably more storage than your laptop.

    We doubt you’ll need to pay the premium for the bigger model, though. New photo and video formats on the iPhone 8 mean it can capture the same quality as it did before, but in half the file size.