A love letter to my ‘Me’ clothes

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     we’re exploring how real mums feel about their bodies since having children. Bryony Johnson, blogger at Rebel Momma Blog

    , writes an emotional letter to the clothes that have changed her life…

    If you ask my mum, I have always dressed a bit weird. Clothes had always been an extension of my personality and I loved putting random outfits together that usually resulted in me looking like Marty McFly.

    When I became pregnant I really embraced my changing body, I felt more womanly than ever before (my pregnancy boobs were amazing, they didn’t last), I wore more dresses than normal and loved wearing tight clothing to accentuate my bump, something I really didn’t think I would do. Needless to say my awesomely ridiculous sneakers were on hiatus for the best part of 10 months.

    When my little man came along, I struggled with postnatal depression and a huge part of that was feeling that I had totally lost my identity. I couldn’t remember the person I was before pregnancy and baby. Post baby I simply carried on wearing my maternity clothes, the blander the better and for the first time I wanted to blend into the background rather than stand out from the crowd.

    My post-baby body is not where I want it to be yet but for me that hasn’t been the focus in the six months since having my beautiful boy. I just needed and wanted my mental health back in order to enable me to be the best mum I can.

    Clothes have had such a way of lifting my mood and have really helped my recovery, whether it’s a fabulous pair of shoes, a comfy old pair of pyjama bottoms or a new dress in a smaller size than normal; my clothes have had a way of changing my mindset that I can’t really explain.

    Which brings me to the main point of this post, a little love letter to my me clothes; the clothes that I feel define me and make me who I am, thank you for reminding me of who that person is.

    To my Doc Martens and my Converse, not only are you comfy and practical (as I have found really is a necessity of mum footwear) but you quite simply make me smile. I like to look down and see that my footwear at least remains the pre-baby me, even on a day when I am feeling most lost.

    To my skinny jeans, whilst you may not always be in fashion, like the 80’s rocker I find it impossible to not look like, I will forever squeeze my fat ass into you and feel awesome about it.

    To my odd socks, what can I say, you have been there for me since I was 10 years old and have forever given me a hidden oddness that makes me happy. Mainly, thank you for reminding me that being a mum does not change the fact that I remain as wonderfully weird as I was pre-pregnancy.

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