Amazon Echo: The genius ways to make life easier for parents

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  • Heard of Amazon Echo? You’ll love the brilliant ways it can simplify your life.

    Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. Its impressive voice-recognition technology means you can use Echo to talk to ‘Alexa’, the cloud-based ‘brain’ behind the device, to make your life that little bit easier – something all parents can sympathise with. Thanks to Alexa, you can…

    Feed the family more easily

    Got a hungry horde of your son’s mates descending unexpectedly after school? Or your daughter’s veggie friend staying over for supper? Find a recipe fast by saying: ‘Alexa, ask Jamie Oliver for a vegetarian meal’. Not got the ingredients you need? Then order a takeaway. ‘Alexa, open Just Eat and find my last order’ should do it.

    Get them to the right place at the right time

    Whether your kids are visiting a friend, going shopping in town or, more crucially, heading off for an interview, you can help them get there on time by saying: ‘Alexa, set the alarm for 7am’, or check train times with ‘Alexa, ask National Rail for the quickest route from Bristol to London’. Need to pick up Granny from the station? Save yourself a journey by arranging an Uber ride through Alexa.

    Order goods in a flash

    Football boots lost? Waterproof trousers needed for a school trip? Or a late birthday request? If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can order Prime products fast with Echo.

    Cut down on bills

    Echo is compatible with smart home devices, such as WeMo, Philips Hue, Hive, Netatmo, tado°, so you can adjust your heating, lighting and electric switches to suit your family’s needs. For instance reduce utility bills by asking Alexa to turn down the thermostat, turn off the TV if no-one’s watching it, or dim the lights when you’re watching a film. Fancy a coffee while viewing? Just ask Alexa to switch on your coffee machine.

    Resolve arguments

    Rows between siblings can flare up in seconds, but Alexa can help settle them. Dispute over the footie score? Find the accurate result from TalkSPORT. Will outdoor PE be cancelled or not? Check the weather forecast before they leave for school. Being nagged about a play date? Ask Alexa to check your Google calendar before you make any promises.

    Help the family relax

    Listening to some of their favourite music will help everyone wind down. Whether it’s a Beatles song for you, a rock ’n’ roll classic for your partner, or a Katy Perry track for your daughter, Alexa will find it for you. Or if you’d prefer to chill out with some relaxing jazz once the kids have gone to bed, she’s also got that covered.

    With Amazon Echo, all this and more is possible. No wonder it’s top of many parents’ wishlist! For more info, see