Coleen Nolan sparks debate after admitting to smacking her sons

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  • Coleen Nolan has sparked debate after admitting that there were times that she smacked her children as a punishment.

    In a Loose Women discussion titled ‘Are you to blame for your child’s violent behaviour?’, Coleen said: ‘They were… I can’t swear on telly, but they were little poo bags. And there were times – and I don’t mean that I battered them, I didn’t hold them and batter them – that I smacked them on the hand or the back of the leg.’

    ‘They haven’t grown up violent, it hasn’t affected them,’ she told her fellow panellists.

    Coleen explained that son Jake, now 24, had ‘real anger issues’ when he was young.

    ‘He saw red and all hell broke loose,’ she continued. ‘I would spend the whole time saying I’m warning you Jake, you do it again, you’re grounded. Twenty thousand warnings and then I’d lose my rag.’

    She referred to one particular time when Jake was 13 and went to swear at her and her natural reaction was to smack him.

    ‘He turned round and said “I could phone the police on you for that”. And you know what? He could have, and that’s what scared me.’

    Coleen pictured with her husband Ray

    Coleen said that when her now-husband Ray joined the family, the methods of discipline changed.

    ‘When Ray came along when Jake was about eight, Ray changed Jake’s life and the whole family’s life in the respect of he said there has to be consequences.

    ‘When he grounded him he would go up to his room and empty his room. He never lost his rag, but he would say if you ever do that again you’re grounded.’

    She added that she’s never hit her daughter Ciara, 15, as she hadn’t needed to, saying: ‘the boys were wilder and all of that.’

    Users on Twitter debated whether smacking was an appropriate form of punishment, with one writing: ‘I’d never ever hit a child #loosewomen’.

    ‘Coleen is VILE for hitting her boys!!!! No excuses #loosewomen’ another agreed.