First Dates Valentine’s special has viewers in tears after dad opens up about son’s death

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  • The Valentine’s special of First Dates had viewers in tears after one dater shared his tragic story.

    Thursday’s Valentine’s Day special of the popular Channel 4 programme saw 57-year-old Lincoln open up about two tragic losses that he had experienced in his life.

    While on a date with Chi-Chi, who came on the show with her son so that they could both find love, Lincoln explained how earlier on in his life he lost both his son and his father in the same week.

    Lincoln, who admitted that his grief had led to him losing almost two decades of his life, opened up about how he turned to drugs and alcohol after suffering the devastating losses.

    When asked by Chi-Chi whether he had any children, Lincoln said that, while one is alive and well, the other passed away many years ago.

    ‘One would be 37 this year,’ he said, ‘my other boy is 16 and doing really well. My first one passed away.’

    The grieving dad revealed that he lost his eldest son to a car accident when he was only a teenager.

    ‘He was coming home from school, he was running out and got hit by a car,’ he explained. ‘The next minute I am standing there looking over his body. You’re left with just a hole.’

    Lincoln then shared how he lost his father in the same week, saying: ‘My son died on the Monday, then my dad passed away on the Friday night, Saturday morning.’

    He admitted that losing his son and his dad led him onto a dark path, saying: ‘I started taking drugs and drinking and not coping with everyday life.

    ‘It got to the point where I just didn’t think about what I was doing. 16 years I wasn’t there, even though I got up every morning and went to work.

    ‘It all changed maybe two, three years ago… I just got to a point where I felt I wanted something better. I was slowly putting myself back together, it took me 16 years but I am ready to rise again.’

    Viewers took to Twitter to express their sympathy for the adorable dad, writing: ‘Oh Lincoln, my heart breaks for you’.

    Another said: ‘Lincoln talking about losing his son and dad a few days apart How terrible’; while a third tweeted: ‘So much respect for Lincoln right now!’

    One even voiced their hope that the First Dates pair would get together, writing: ‘Really hope Chi Chi and Lincoln fall in love. They’ve both been through so much ❤ #FirstDates’.

    Now wouldn’t that be a lovely happy ending!

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