Gretchen Rossi opens up about suffering from ‘serious’ postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter

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  • Real Housewives Of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi has opened up about her struggles with postpartum depression following the birth of her daughter.

    The 41-year-old first time mum, who welcomed her daughter Skylar Gray back in July, has now spoken out about how the harsh realities of parenthood were nothing like what she had imagined.

    ‘Legitimately, I had no idea what I was in for. I just thought, “This is gonna be great”.

    ‘You see Instagram, you see social media, you see the media making it look like it’s so perfect, and you just sit there and breastfeed your child and you look magically into their eyes. It was nothing like that.’

    Speaking on an episode of US chat show The Doctors, new mum Gretchen continued to explain how she spiralled into a dark place after giving birth, saying that she ‘went through a difficult period where, I realise now, I was depressed, and I had a lot of anxiety.’

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    Detailing the moment she sought professional help over how she was feeling, she added: ‘I really wasn’t connecting with [Skylar] at the very beginning.

    ‘Then I came to realise [when] I went to my paediatricians appointment and I was crying and broke down in that appointment, and my paediatrician said, “You know, Gretchen, I think maybe you need to think about the fact that you might have some serious postpartum.”’

    Describing how she initially felt in denial of the diagnosis after conceiving Skylar through IVF, she said: ‘I was like, “No, not me. I don’t have that. I’m happy! I’m such a positive person all the time”

    ‘I was really struggling, and I was having an internal conflict with the fact that I had this beautiful, amazing miracle baby — literally, she was a miracle for us — and I just was having a hard time compartmentalising how to manage my life now with this new baby.’