Fans think Jacqueline Jossa’s three-year-old daughter has revealed the gender of her baby

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  • Jacqueline Jossa's fans on social media seem to think that her three-year-old daughter has revealed the gender of her baby.

    The former Eastenders star announced back in January that she was expecting her second child with husband Dan Osborne, but she later revealed that she was determined to keep the gender a secret.

    However, her daughter Ella might have ruined her plans as eagle-eyed fans noticed she let the gender of the baby they’re expecting slip.

    The three-year-old mentioned a sister in a video now deleted, which was enough for Jacqueline’s followers to notice the accidental gender reveal.

    After the 25-year-old posted a gorgeous picture of her cradling her blossoming bump, one fan wrote: ‘I noticed that Ella mentioned a sister in one of her stories before’.

    Others also wrote to say that Jacqueline herself has slip up and referred to her baby as a ‘she’.

    ‘Is it true you’re having a girl? There’s a video online where you refer to your baby as she and then deleted the video?’, one commented.

    Another used said: ‘She did slip up and say she, then she paused and spoke about something else. I watched the video.’

    Last month, the actress revealed she does know the gender of the baby and that it’s been really hard for her to keep it under wraps.

    Replying to someone who questioned her about the gender, she replied: ‘It’s really hard to say because I already know. So I cannot answer that question!’

    I love the summer and I actually don’t mind the winter, it’s the in between I don’t love so much! This summer I have so much to look forward too! My 2 best friends slash cousins are both getting married!💞 I couldn’t be happier for them both. @sarahelizabeth_a @ciarasherwood 🤭❤️💁🏼‍♀️Also our last member of this family will be here!! Ready to meet there older brother and sister!! I can’t wait to meet you now baby🙊 I also have a lovely 2 week holiday slung in there too which is always nice and I can’t remember the last time I’ve had the time for that!! There are so many things I want to achieve after the summer and have such a buzz now I am so excited to start working on some new stuff and hopefully get some great parts🤞get back to what I love doing! My mind is constantly working on what’s next and I am just so excited for it all. I feel ALIVE right now! Inspired and ready to go!

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    Jacqueline and Dan, who already share daughter Ella, announced that they were going to welcome their second child together in January.

    The mum said at the time: ‘In mid-October I started to suspect I might be pregnant when I went to watch Daniel taking part in a charity boxing match. I was drinking wine but wasn’t feeling drunk. I didn’t understand what was going on and then it hit me that the same thing happened before I realised I was pregnant with Ella. We took a test the next day. We both started laughing when the test was positive.’

    Dan, who’s a also a father to son Teddy from a previous relationship with Megan Tomlin, added: ‘We hadn’t been trying so it was a huge shock. I think I’m still getting my head around it. Kids are a blessing but having three children is going to be a big responsibility. I’m not going to lie, I feel quite scared!’