John Lewis slammed for offering ‘back to school’ make-up lessons for young girls

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  • Angry parents have slammed department store John Lewis for offering ‘back to school’ make-up lessons to young girls as young as 12.

    The MAC master class, which has been cancelled following the backlash, was set to offer schoolgirls the chance to ‘learn how to make the best of [their] skin and brows before the new term’.

    The lesson, supposed to be held in John Lewis at Bluewater shopping centre in Kent, was advertised on Facebook and received a wave backlash from ‘disgusted’ parents.

    Both MAC and John Lewis have come under fire for encouraging young girls to focus solely on the way they look.

    One mum said: ‘I’m horrified either of you are involved with such a stunt. Two brands I thought had more sense.


    ‘I’m a primary school teacher, and a mum of two girls, and I’m already seeing the heartbreaking reality of the pressure girls feel at younger and younger ages over their appearance.

    ‘Why would you feed in to this? They don’t need tips on make-up from the age of 12. And certainly not marketed as a back to school thing.

    ‘Whoever came up with this idea seriously needs to assess their moral compass.

    ‘A way to make money from little girls’ insecurities. Disappointing and, quite frankly, disgusting.’

    While another agreed, ranting: ‘They have really got it wrong. The girls in the advert are only about 12 and definitely should not be worrying about make-up.

    ‘At such a young age they are vulnerable to pressure and this will make them feel that being natural (as a young girl should be) is not good enough.

    ‘I am all for educating in healthy eating and caring for yourself but pushing make-up on such young girls is unacceptable.’

    In an apology statement issued on behalf of both John Lewis and MAC, a spokesperson told GoodtoKnow: ‘This was an isolated event organised at a local MAC counter.

    ‘As a brand MAC does not market to anyone under 16 so this event should not have been arranged. It has been cancelled and we are very sorry for any upset caused.

    ‘We’re looking into how it happened to make sure that this type of event doesn’t take place again.’

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