‘Poor kids’ Katie Price slammed by fans for exploiting children and giving them diet products

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  • Katie Price is under fire from fans after posting a video of her and her kids eating ‘skinny’ sauces, for a sponsored post.

    The mum-of-five posted the controversial clip on her Twitter profile, alongside the caption: ‘A nice healthy Sunday lunch with our new go to healthy sauces from @skinnyfoodco they’re surprisingly good considering they have so many health benefits and all being 0 calories 0 gluten dairy free and sugar free – fantastic for adults and children! Happy Sunday everyone 😊💞’.

    In the video, she can he heard saying: ‘We’re about to have some healthy little lunch with some Skinny Food sauce – what one have you got? Ketchup? I’ve got sweet chilli, what have you got, Harv?

    ‘And it’s got zero calories, zero dairy and zero gluten. What do you think, is it your favourite?’

    To which Harvey replied: ‘It’s the best in the whole world.’

    Some fans weren’t happy that Katie was using her children to promote diet sauces, and wrote in the comments to express their opinion.

    One said: ‘This makes me feel sad. My son is autistic and I would NEVER exploit him. This exactly what you are doing to Harvey. You’ve lost all credibility. Yet another brand of health food that are paying you. Poor kids. You’ve not seen them forever and yet you put them in an ad.”

    Another wrote: ‘How low can one person go using your children to promote products.’

    A third added: ‘can she not make a living without exploiting her kids every 5 minutes!!’

    While a fourth also commented that the ‘skinny’ sauces she’s promoting are probably not healthy for the kids’ diets: ‘Children need calories to grow. Fair enough eat the sauces yourself but don’t do it to the kids.’

    Not everyone was against the mum, with one follower defending her post. Thet wrote: ‘Give her a break, you moan at her for giving her kids junk now you moan because she is feeding them healthy foods seriously the woman can’t win.’

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