‘I would be thrilled’ Lisa Riley reveals she hasn’t given up on having children despite not going down IVF route

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  • Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley is determined to start a family, even after discovering that IVF treatments are unlikely to work for her.

    Lisa has since decided to not pursue the fertility treatment any more, but has revealed she still has a desire to have a family of her own with fiancé Al.

    Her brother has a family, with the star recently sharing a photograph of her nieces’ christening. Speaking to The Mirror, she said: ‘Theirs is the family I wanted – but I can’t have. It is just not meant to be.’

    ‘But since being back at Emmerdale I have heard so many positive stories about people who tried IVF and it didn’t work, but then fell pregnant naturally.’

    Speaking about the IVF, she confirmed she would be no longer using this treatment by adding: ‘I wouldn’t go down the IVF route now but I will let nature take its course and, if I did fall pregnant, I would be thrilled.

    ‘But I am not going to dwell on it. No one is going to give me bad news again.’

    During an appearance on Loose Women, Lisa opened up about IVF and told the panellists that they ‘mess with your head’.

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    She said: ‘My body was being pumped full of hormones to get my egg readings, and in the end they weren’t good, it messes with your head and I just couldn’t do that to myself anymore.’

    Lisa Riley has dropped 12 stone after revealing she was ‘addicted’ to losing weight. Speaking about her transformation, the star said she was ‘obese, had a dreadful diet, drank too much and was filled with self-loathing’.

    She’s since been an inspiration for many, taking to Instagram to share tips, tricks and a whole host of positivity.  She recently made a return to Emmerdale too, reprising her role as Mandy Dingle.