Mum claims it is ‘selfish’ to choose to be a single parent on ITV’s Good Morning Britain

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  • Mum has sparked debate after claiming it is ‘selfish’ to want to be a single parent on ITV’s Good Morning Britain

    Mum Lottie Daley has caused outrage after saying that it is morally wrong to choose to raise a child single-handedly without a father on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

    Her views came after singer Cheryl – who split from Liam Payne last year – said she wants to have more children, even if she is single, by using ‘other routes’ such as donors.

    In conversation with Richard Madeley and Kate Garray, Lottie, a single mother herself, claims that choosing to raise a child without a father figure could have ‘devastating’ consequences for the child’s future relationships with men.

    She claims: ‘It’s very selfish to deprive a child from the outset of a father.’

    She weighed in on singer Cheryl who believes you cannot wait for the ‘right man’ to come along.

    Lottie criticised Cheryl’s views: ‘Cheryl love you are so young, you’ve got all the time in the world to meet another guy, but ultimately you can’t buy children.’

    She added: ‘It is very different to splitting up from a person, you start off with the best of intentions but to start off with the exact definition of depriving a child of two parents.’

    Richard Madeley retorted: ‘‘But if the end result’s the same?’

    However, Lottie strongly argued: ‘No the end result is not the same…’

    ‘She is not going to have a father for that child, I have a friend who is the product of a sperm donor and he is absolutely miserable.’

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    Good Morning Britain viewers were quick to respond to the debate on Twitter, with one saying: ‘This woman on Good Morning Britain has no idea what the h*** she is talking about! It’s not selfish for Cheryl to have a sperm donor.’

    Another added: ‘If that is what Cheryl wants to do then so what. It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone else. People have too much to say about other people’s lives. As long as she loves and looks after the baby then…’

    However, some viewers agreed with Lottie: ‘I think choosing 2 b a solo parent from outset is not right but there r millions of women/men bringing up kids on their own ( not through choice) doing a gr8 job. ‘I don’t c why u would chose 2 cut father out from start . Unless a good reason it’s uncalled for.’