Mum gives birth in the front seat of moving car while her children were in the back

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  • A mum has given birth to her fifth child in the front seat of the car her husband was driving.

    Giving birth can be very stressful for any women, and every birth tends to be different for different mums.

    However, one woman’s experience was maybe slightly more stressful than the common birth story. A mum was on her way to the hospital while her husband was driving, when she realised the little girl she was expecting had waited long enough to come out.

    The dad – who, let’s not forget, was also driving – decided that it would be a good idea to film the whole thing, and recorded the moment when his wife welcomed their fifth child in a moving car.

    Sharing the impressive clip on social media, he wrote: ‘So yesterday my wife deliver our 5th child in the passenger seat of our car. Still shook!’

    In the short video, the dad can be heard saying: ‘Can you wait like two minutes? Hold on. Hold on … Coming out? Wait, wait.’

    Turns out the baby had very different plans, and the mum delivers the little girl herself right there and then, kneeling on the passenger seat as as she gripped the back of seat.

    Thankfully, everything went well and the mum managed to safely give birth to her baby. While holding her newborn, she says she feels like she’s ‘dreaming’, as the dad can be heard saying: ‘Ohhhh! She had the baby. Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. We just delivered a baby in the car. I can’t believe that just happened.’

    And if giving birth in a moving car with the dad filming and driving was not quite enough, the parents had another thing to worry about. Their four children were in the back of the car, watching as their mum delivered their baby sister.

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