‘Parent hack of the century’ Mum shares GENUIS tips for getting children to take their medicine

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  • Persuading poorly children to take a spoonful of medicine can be a challenge - but thankfully, one mum-of two has discovered a genius hack to make it more appealing...

    We’ve all tried twirling a spoon through the air while doing aeroplane noises or hiding tablets in a bowl of cereal.

    You may think you’ve exhausted every trick in the parent’s guidebook to get your kids taking meds, and sometimes to no avail.

    But mum Rach, who writes the Mummy Looks Funny blog on Facebook, has been called a ‘genius’ after posting a clever ploy on her page.

    It’s even been labelled the ‘parent hack of the century.’

    Rach had written on her Facebook page: ‘Seeing as kids are germ infested and there’s a plethora of sickness going round at the minute, I’ll share with you the hack that I dreamt up last year when I was at my wits end trying to get a tantruming toddler to get up off the floor and take a vile yellow antibiotic.’

    The post, which has been shared by 16,000 impressed parents, went through the three different stages of Rach’s magical medicine hack.

    1. Get your stinky medicine that your kid has been flat out refusing to take. Measure the required dose and put it on a spoon.
    2. Grab some rainbow sprinkles. Dealers choice for the brand. I’m a high roller so we have Tesco’s own make.
    3. Sprinkle the sprinkles onto the spoonful of previously repulsive liquid.

    ‘You now have yourself some delicious and magical unicorn potion. Works every time in this house!’ Rach writes.

    Well, they always did say, ‘a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.’

    You can buy the sprinkles, or Hundreds and Thousands, from most supermarkets in their cake-making aisle.

    In Tesco, you can buy a pot for just £1.00.

    Rach’s post has had 7,000 likes and 8,000 comments.

    One mum said: ‘I’ve got to try this as my 5 year old refuses to take the yellow penicillin. I literally have to hold him down.’

    Another said: ‘Perfect hack. Will definitely be using this.’

    Rach isn’t the only one with genius hacks, we recently revealed this mum’s trick to get her kids to stay still.

    And what about this mum, who found a clever idea to keep her toddler’s tantrums at bay in the supermarket.

    The Christmas holidays are unfortunately often a time for illness, so make sure you’re armed with Hundreds and Thousands if your little one gets poorly.

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