Rochelle Humes reunites with long-lost sister after 23 years apart

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  • TV presenter Rochelle Humes has been reunited with her sister Lili after more than two decades apart.

    The former Saturday’s singer has revealed the unbelievable story of how she recently reconnected with her long-lost sister.

    The 30-year-old This Morning presenter’s parents divorced when she was just three-years-old, which left her leading a totally separated life to her sister Lili.

    Rochelle grew up with her mother Roz and half-sister Sophie – but only met Lili once following the family break up when she was five-years-old.

    The mother-of-two revealed  how terrified she was making contact with Lili in adulthood, but the stunning look-alike sisters instantly connected and have ‘spoken everyday since’, she told Giovanna Fletcher on her Happy Mum Happy Baby Podcast.

    Thanks to Love Island star Kem Cetinay, who is mutual friends with Lili, Rochelle was encouraged to reach out to her sister.

    Kem was chatting to Rochelle at her Christmas party and said: ‘I got to talk to you… as soon as I became a celeb, I promised my friend Lili that I would talk to you as she’s your sister on your dad’s side.’

    Rochelle says: ‘[It turns out] we are literally the same people.

    ‘Marvin was like, “OMG, there’s more of you.”

    ‘We’ve spoken every day since – Jeremy Kyle style. It’s like we’ve known each other all our lives.’

    Rochelle Humes reunited sister

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    While celebrating her 30th birthday week, Rochelle shared a rare picture of her and her two sisters, Lil and Sophie, and fans were shocked to see just how much the sister’s look like each other.

    Fans were convinced the sister’s are triplets.

    One fan commented: ‘Is the pic a photoshop or does she have too lookalikey sister.’

    Another added: ‘I think they are sisters looking like triplets 😵.’

    Another said: ‘wow how much alike are they!!😳.’

    Since being reunited, the doppelgänger sisters have holidayed together in Dubai, earlier this month. Rochelle shared a picture of her and Lili on Instagram outside the Buddha Bar, and fans were sure they were twins.

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