Sainsbury’s have released a breastfeeding-friendly clothing range and mums are praising it

Such a great idea!
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  • Sainsbury’s have been praised for their new clothing range which allows mums to breastfeed easier, whilst still looking stylish.

    Sainsbury’s clothing brand Tu wrote a post informing customers of their new breastfeeding-friendly line and how and why it was created.

    Taking to their official Facebook page, they wrote, ‘We’ve created a new section of our website dedicated to breastfeeding-friendly clothes, featuring recommendations from the Can I Breastfeed In It community, making it easier for mums to find functional stylish clothes.’

    Alongside the caption is an image of a mother breastfeeding, which many Facebook users have praised for the way it represents motherhood.

    One comment read, ‘Woohoo 🙌 fantastic thank you TU clothing!!! I’m loving that the model represents new and current mothers too. Completely irrelevant but I Love her tattoos 😍 xx’

    Another added, ‘Well done Sainsbury’s! Finally breastfeeding friendly clothes are not classed as maternity! This should have happened ages ago! ❤’

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    A third said, ‘Brilliant! Thanks Sainsbury’s!! I struggled to find nice, affordable breastfeeding-friendly clothing when my first was born; pregnant again so looking forward to browsing your range!’

    And a fourth added, ‘Well done Sainsbury’s. It’s brilliant to make clothes more accessible for breastfeeding mums. So much of my wardrobe is from TU but it’s great to have a dedicated section.’

    Sainsbury’s new clothing range was designed in partnership with Can I Breastfeed In It?, a community of mums who share breastfeeding-friendly clothing and provide support.

    Pieces in the range are available in UK sizes 8 – 22, and some are available up to size 28, too.

    Prices in Tu’s new range start from £14, and the range is very affordable. In fact, the most expensive piece is a dress for £45, so everything else is under that amount.

    So not only is it stylish and ideal for breastfeeding mums, you won’t break the bank either. We’re not surprised that people are so happy with the range!

    Items in the range can be found both in-store and online, so you’re covered however you prefer to shop.

    What do you think of Sainsbury’s new range? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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