Sainsbury’s is offering £7.50 per day childcare – with a free lunch!

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  • Supermarket giant Sainsbury's have launched a holiday childcare club that’s both affordable and fun.

    It won’t be long before the summer holidays are upon us, which is a terrifying thought for most parents.

    It’s difficult to keep the kids entertained for six whole weeks.

    Thankfully, Sainsbury’s are doing their bit to help by offering child care for just £7.50 a day – which includes a variety of children’s activities and a healthy lunch too.

    So, you won’t even need to rush about with the packed lunches before dropping them off. That’s a relief! Sainsbury’s will provide each child with a sandwich, soft drink, snack and piece of fruit.

    Sainsbury's childcare

    Credit: Sainsbury’s

    The Active Kids incentive is launching in 70 locations across England and Wales, and it’s designed to get children participating in a variety of hands-on and fun activities.

    A statement on their website says: “We want our holiday clubs to be fun for everyone, so our Active Kids will be trying all sorts of activities including sports such as tennis, gymnastics and dodgeball, alongside arts & crafts, circus skills and the opportunity to try a para-sport!”

    This is an excellent way for children to make friends and build their confidence too. Each club will be grouped into school year, so the activities are appropriate and they’ll be interacting with people their age.

    Active Kids also gives parents flexibility by allowing them to book multiple sessions in advance, between 9am – 4pm. This is a relief for anyone who will still be working during the summer holidays!

    Activities will be held at various schools across the country, but children don’t need to be pupils to attend. Parents can enrol children in activities across their city, which adds to the flexibility.

    Places are expected to fill up fast, so if you’re interested, book your spot now on the Active Kids website!

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