Frankie Bridge ’emotionally drained’ after her son Parker ‘scared half to death’ with sudden illness

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  • The Saturday’s Frankie Bridge has taken to social media to say she’s ’emotionally drained’ after her son Parker was suddenly taken ill.

    The mum-of-two, who was due to attend the ITV gala last night, took to Instagram to share an emotional post about her son’s illness and explain why she was missing the event.

    Alongside a sweet picture of her cuddling with four-year-old Parker, Frankie admitted to fans that she was an ’emotionally drained Mum’, but happy that her son has ‘bounced back’ after suffering from croup.

    She wrote on social media: ‘The face of a proud emotionally drained Mum who’s child has been really poorly and scared her half to death and a child who is the prime example of how well and quickly they bounce back… this little man is so full of love and this surprise hug felt more amazing than he will ever know… not sure who was looking after who…? 💙

    ‘No itv gala for this mumma tonight… all home now so cuddles and Christmas movies are the order of the day… Croup is not our friend….’, she continued.

    Fans of the singer were quick to comfort the worried mum and send their well wishes to the little boy.

    One said: ‘My little one has had it 4 times since March! 3 of them times ended up in hospital! It’s so frightening for them and the parents!’

    Another follower commented: ‘I know exactly how you feel. I still cry at the thought of my first boy having it and still get flashbacks on seeing him laying on my bed gasping for breath 😭’

    A third wrote: ‘Scariest feeling as a mum – watching helplessly as they suffer. Hugs and prayers for a quick recovery. Lots of rest and TLC needed for you all xx’

    Just last month, the NHS issued a warning to parents about croup after health officials in Wales spotted a rise in the cases of youngsters suffering from condition.

    The nasty cough, caused by a viral infection to the throat, can cause difficulties in breathing and a barking cough with a distinctive sound.