Headteacher asks parents to stop children from urinating in the school’s playground

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  • A headteacher in Somerset has written a very unusual letter to parents, requesting them to stop their kids urinating in the school’s playground.

    Not long ago we heard of a headteacher in Darlington who asked parents to refrain from doing the school run in their pyjamas, and now another headteacher has made yet another interesting request.

    Kay Church, headteacher at Hannah More Infant School and Grove Junior School in Somerset, sent a letter to parents requesting they stop their children from urinating in the school’s playground.

    In the unexpected letter, she condemned the behaviour, deeming it ‘totally unacceptable’, and urged parents to set an example for their children.

    Despite the existing facilities at the school, the headteacher says she heard reports that children had been using the playground as a urinol, and decided to contact parents.

    ‘Sadly it has been bought to my attention that at the end of the school day a small number of pupils are allowed by parents to urinate in the school playground’, Mrs Church wrote.

    ‘Clearly this is totally unacceptable behaviour particularly as all pupils and families know where the toilets are in school. If parents have concerns we deal with them and the matter has been addressed immediately. This type of behaviour is not at all representative of the school.’

    The letter continued: ‘Our ethos is growing and learning together, aspiring to excellence. We all work hard together to make both schools a brilliant place to be.’

    As well as sending the letter to parents, the headteacher will also discuss the issue at a governors’ meeting this week.

    The children’s behaviour was also condemned by Ann Tonkin, chair of governors, who said: ‘This type of behaviour is unacceptable in what is a public place. Not only that but it is very unhygienic if children are urinating in areas where other children play. If an adult was to behave in the same way in a public place there would be consequences.’

    The chair added: ‘Parents need to ensure that they teach their children that it is not acceptable to urinate in a public place. There are plenty of toilets in the school building for children to use. Staff would be more than happy for a child to come back into the school after lessons finish to use these facilities if they needed to.’

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