Helen Flanagan sparks co-sleeping debate after revealing daughter Matilda sleeps in her bed

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  • It’s been almost a year since former Corrie star Helen Flanagan gave birth to her daughter Matilda, but now the mum of one has admitted that she still sleeps with the tot – a comment which has since sparked a huge debate online.

    Helen, 25, who welcomed daughter Matilda in June 2015 with footballer boyfriend Scott Sinclair, revealed her comments on co-sleeping in OK! magazine, saying: ‘I’m still sleeping with her – I’ll stop when she reaches 1. I want to get her into a better routine and she won’t go into a cot. I know that’s probably my fault.

    Matilda loves playing with mummy's hair 🐻❤️

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    ‘It’s so cute sleeping next to your baby and I’ll never have that time back again. She feels safe knowing where we are. I also get a better nights sleep if she’s in with us.

    Helen’s co-sleeping comments coincided with a debate on the This Morning Facebook page and a guest appearance later that day. The Facebook post asked fans what they thought on the subject: ‘Pop star Adele revealed last week that she shares her bed with her three-year-old son Angelo, but would you invite your children to snuggle up with you every night?

    ‘Do you think it’s up to the individual to decide where their child sleeps? Or can it be negative for the child in the long-run? Should there be a cut-off age for a child sleeping in bed with their parents?’

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    Later that day, the show featured guest Kim Constable, who revealed that she shares an 18 foot bed with her whole family – including her four children as well as her husband Ryan.

    Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford, Kim explained that sharing a big bed with her family was beneficial to her children growing up and being independent. The mum of four was forced to defend her choices further when Eamonn asked a cheeky question about her sex life with her husband.

    After asking Kim ‘Are you getting it?’, the mum explained that if she wanted to be intimate with her husband she would always ‘find a way’.

    Despite an expert warning parents against the sleeping method on the show, mums everywhere have been quick to defend it. Commenting on This Morning’s Facebook post, one user said: ‘Iv co slept since my little boys birth, I was upfront with my midwife on what I intended to do which she was very supportive of and said she wished more would be open about it so they could follow the saftey guidelines.

    ‘When he is older he will go in his own room but it is the right choice for us as I breastfeed also.’

    Another added: ‘How can it be wrong for a child to be close to their mother and feel safe? It is just society making mum’s conform to one rule. What do people think that mothers have done from the beginning of time. Children should be close to their mothers and if that means co-sleeping then so be it.

    ‘There are far too many rules and regulations these days about how you should and shouldn’t bring up your child.’

    What are your thoughts on co-sleeping? Comment below!

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