Jessica Simpson receives backlash from fellow mothers for sharing ‘sexy’ Instagram post

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  • Jessica Simpson has been criticised by fellow mothers for posting a seductive picture of herself on Instagram.

    Sharing a picture captioned ‘green with envy’, the celebrity posed in a low-cut green satin gown — and received backlash for her pose.

    The star, who is mother to children Maxwell and Ace, received a wave of criticism from mum-shamers.

    ‘You are better than this. Cover up and be beautiful,’ said one commenter.

    ‘Is this how a mother of two children really wants to act? Get it together Jessica, those days should be behind you,’ wrote another.

    ‘Jessica, Hefner died. You can’t have the job you are obviously trying out for,’ quipped another.

    In spite of the negative comments, several of Jessica’s fans leapt to her defence to say that she is entitled to wear whatever she likes, and her clothes have no effect on her parenting skills.

    ‘So is she supposed to look like a nun because she’s a mom?’ said one contributor.

    ‘Omgggg I wish my breasts looked like that after losing the baby weight after two kids! you look AMAZING!!!! Love you since forever girl!!!’ complimented one fan.

    ‘You are always my favorite. Still gorgeous as always,’ added a second.

    Fellow celebrity Jenna Dewan Tatum has also received a fair share of criticism from scathing critics for her more risqué Instagram posts.

    The wife of Channing Tatum and mother to Everly has posed for several revealing images of herself on her profile.

    Cheeky balcony series

    A post shared by Jenna Dewan Tatum (@jennadewan) on

    After posters targeted her for uploading some of the snaps, fans of the star came forward to remind the shamers that ‘being a mother and being sexy can be synonymous’.

    ‘YAS GIRL YAS! You are looking fabulous, anyone be hating on this is because of their own insecurities! Your husband is blessed, and your daughter is blessed with such good genes 😘 You rock in this photo ❤️,’ said one proud Instagrammer.

    ‘You look gorgeous, forget all the negative comments. Teach your daughter to love her body the way you love yours and to never let a man or anyone else disrespect it!’ agreed another.

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