‘I would hate to see her injured if you crashed’ Katie Price slammed over Bunny car seat photo

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  • Katie Price has been challenged by fans who’ve suggested that her three-year-old daughter’s car seat looks too big for her and that she doesn’t appear to be strapped into it properly.

    The mum-of-five shared what was meant to be an adorable picture to her Instagram of her little girl sitting in the back of her car.

    In the black and white picture, Bunny can be seen sat in her car seat with her arms folded, looking cheekily to the side at one of her siblings.

    Katie posted the image to the social media site with the caption, ‘Love Bunnys cheeky look 💕’

    Initially fans agreed that Bunny looked adorable, with many giving the reality TV star compliments on her daughter such as, ‘Gorgeous girl’ and ‘Adorable!! 💕’

    But it didn’t take long for some social media users to point out a few problems with the picture.

    Some fans referred to the new car seat safety laws, with one social media user saying, ‘Please please please make sure bunny is wearing the correct seat belt. She’s far to young to be having the normal seat belt with that car seat. I would hate to see her injured if u crashed the car or someone crashed into you.

    ‘I don’t know if u are aware but a new Law has come out about car seats. My 3 year old and 2 year old are still in the harness car seat as that is much safer then the 3 point seat belt for their ages.’

    Love Bunnys cheeky look 💕

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    Another observant follower noticed the blurred image in the car window, and presumed that the vehicle was moving, which would have been unsafe with Bunny not strapped in properly.

    ‘Looks like moving vehicle by the window picture. As a Nanny myself one of the things I always do is secure my charges in their buggies/car seats firmly , god forbid anything could happen to test it but always best to be secure no matter how much the kids kick off.’

    Other followers were most concerned with Bunny’s weight, insisting that she looked too small for the car seat.

    One said, ‘She’s gorgeous but is she really heavy enough for a standard seat belt car seat? Min 15 kg and 96cm.. she looks to small’

    Whilst another agreed, ‘I hate to think of the internal damage that will be done to this poor little girl if she’s under the weight limit and involved in an accident 😢 if she’s over this weight and height then I apologise but she looks tiny to me’

    Although some commenters did defend Katie, pointing out that it’s impossible to know if the car was actually moving.

    ‘Keyboard warriors. How do you know they are even travelling . The photo may have been taken whilst stationary. You can’t always assume! Am sure they would have ensured her seatbelt was secured once they got moving!’

    Another commenter mentioned that technically Bunny could be the right weight for her seat, ’15kg is usually approximately age 3 and bunny is almost 3 so may be the correct weight for it.’

    The Sun spoke to Kevin Clinton of Road Safety at the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents who said it can’t be confirmed if there’s anything wrong with this scene.

    He said, ‘We can’t tell from the photo [whether Katie is doing anything wrong].

    ‘Children need to be carried in a child car seat that is suitable for their weight and size, and is correctly fitted in the car. It’s extremely important that the seat is securely fastened and that the child is properly secured in the seat.’