Black Friday trampoline deals 2020: Where to get the best deals on trampolines

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  • Trampolines are a great addition to any family garden, and encourages kids to play and get active outside. This Black Friday, we've seen some incredible deals...

    Black Friday deals on trampolines are finally here! So if you want to treat the family to a trampoline, wait for the sales to ensure you get one at the best possible price! Popular have now gone live with their Black Friday offerings and as the second national lockdown means all non-essential shops are closed, all the best Black Friday trampoline deals are all online this year.

    There’s some great trampolines on the market and plenty have dropped in price now that Black Friday has rolled around. If you have no idea where to start, check out our best trampolines for kids 2020 guide.

    There’s also a few things to consider when buying a trampoline. Firstly, check what the weight limit is on the trampoline. You don’t want to get a product that will be unsafe for your kids if they grow too big to use it. Secondly, the frame needs to be strong and sturdy. Product reviews will tell you this, but respected brands like Evostar, Jumpking and Plum should all have good quality frames as a give. Lastly, consider what safety precautions you want when buying a trampoline. Are you looking for one with a net? Or that can be sunk into the ground?

    If you are ready to get a trampoline, scroll down for our pick of the best Black Friday trampoline deals 2020…

    Best Black Friday trampoline deals 2020

    There are some great Black Friday deals to be had on trampolines for kids. Here are the best ones available right now:

    Plum trampoline deal:

    Plum 6ft Magnitude Springsafe Trampoline & Enclosure: £199.99 £182.17 (SAVE £17.82) | Amazon
    This is a respected brand that is known for its sturdy frames – made of galvanised steel to help prevent rust – and promises integrity and longevity.

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    Black Friday trampoline deals 2020:

    ZERO GRAVITY Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline – £153.95 £149.95 (SAVE £4) | Amazon
    Available in sizes ranging from 6ft to 14ft, when summer rolls around again there’s going to be plenty of fun to be had with this Zero Gravity trampoline. It’s built to last and loads of fun for the whole family.

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    CZON SPORTS Trampoline, 10ft Outdoor with safety enclosure net: £191.73 £145.53 (SAVE £46.20) | Amazon
    With a saving of nearly 25%, this is one of the best early Black Fridat trampoline deals we’ve seen. Parents give this trampoline an average of 4.5 stars out of 5, calling it ‘sturdy’ and ‘easy to assemble’.

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    North Gear 7ft Kids Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net: £169.99 £159.99 (SAVE £10) | Amazon
    This slightly smaller kids trampoline has a detachable safety net. With a max weight of 54kgs, this trampoline is only recommended for kids between the ages 3-9 years old.

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    HOMCOM 50 inch Hexagon Kids Trampoline: £75.99 £69.99 (SAVE £6) | Amazon
    A smaller bouncer for small kids, this little trampoline is good if you’re short on space and have little children who want to bounce.

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    Things to consider before buying a trampoline 

    Trampolines are loads of fun – for both kids and adults – but you’ll enjoy them more if you buy the right one and use it safely. Here are some things to consider when you buy a trampoline.

    • Size. A big trampoline may be tempting but if it’s so big it takes up most of your outdoor space or blocks your view you may come to resent it. Buy the right-sized trampoline for your garden.
    • A safety net. These sometimes come with trampolines or you may need to buy one separately. It’s advisable to have a safety net for obvious reasons – the net prevents children falling off and injuring themselves. It also deters animals such as foxes from getting onto the trampoline and leaving behind unwanted gifts…
    • The frame. A cheap trampoline might be easier on the purse strings but make sure the frame is sturdy before you buy. Frames should made with heavy duty steel and have no sharp edges, which can cause injuries. If your trampoline is going outside it will also need to be coated, to protect the metal from the elements.
    • The weight. Trampolines aren’t cheap so tend to be a long-term investment. Because of this your trampoline needs to be able to handle the weight of your growing family. Go for one that can handle more weight than you’ll think you need – you’ll be thankful later on.
    • Padding. The padding around the outside of the trampoline needs to be thick enough to actually soften the blow if someone falls on it. Stingy padding is barely worth it.
    • Ease of installation. You may be surprised at how hard some trampolines are to set up. One will usually need two adults (or more) to build, and you should follow the instructions carefully so the trampoline isn’t at risk of collapsing. If you get stuck, there are trampoline installers who can do the job for you.

    With our list of trampoline deals for Black Friday, you’ll certainly find something to fit whatever size or shape of garden you’re working with.