Mum divides opinion after wanting her ‘make-up, tan, lashes and hair done’ for giving birth

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  • A mum has sparked a debate online after revealing that she’s keen to ‘get dolled up’ for the birth of her baby.

    After learning that those close to her thought the idea was bizarre, the expectant mother took to a parenting forum to ask others for their opinion.

    ‘A few of my family members think I’m absolutely mad for wanting my make-up, tan, lashes and hair done for giving birth,’ she wrote on Netmums.

    ‘I’m due to be induced on Tuesday I just wanted to see what you lovely ladies thought on the matter.’

    Many were quick to point out that they agreed with her nearest and dearest, with one clearly exasperated individual stating: ‘You are giving birth not strutting your stuff in a nightclub.’

    ‘You are having a baby ….nails etc okay….but makeup hair… I don’t know,’ another chimed in.

    ‘I was more concerned about health risks than makeup looking good.’

    Others, however, piped up to show their support – with many admitting to treating themselves to a spot of pre-birth pampering too.

    ‘If you think it may give you a bit more confidence why not?! Go for it! With my second child I had my roots done so my hair looked nice and I did have make up on,’ said one sympathiser.

    ‘I don’t look too bad in my pictures after I gave birth to be honest. With my first child I looked like I’d been dragged through a bush backwards.’

    Another agreed: ‘I never get things done really but last time with my son I had eyelash extensions and everyone commented how good I looked after birth haha and also the following days when I felt like death but people were visiting it was lovely to feel like I look nice!’

    The mum-to-be returned to the thread later on to express her gratitude at the response her question had received.

    ‘Thank you everyone, just thought that it may give me a little bit more confidence hahah not sure,’ she said.

    ‘I’ve always been a girly girl and needed my makeup done. If not my full makeup then my eyebrows were a must, may save myself the energy.’

    What do you think? How did you feel about the photos after you gave birth? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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