Genius hack highlights the £3 kids’ toy that can remove crumbs from your car seats in SECONDS

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  • Getting rid of those naughty crumbs from your car seats after your child has a snack can be like a scene from Mission Impossible, but now there’s something that could make your life a lot easier…

    In another chapter of what parents dread the most, crumbs that get stuck in your car seats – especially after your children decide to have a feast back there – come pretty high on the list.

    But now we found out that there might be something that could make that task a lot simpler for everyone who likes to keep their car clean (or just not completely covered in crisps).

    Car experts from Autoblog revealed the hack that we never thought of before – using your kids’ Play-Doh.

    They revealed the mind-blowing hack in a video where they show how it’s done and test it out to show viewers that it actually works.

    The best part is that your children probably already have Play-Doh lying around in the house, so you won’t have to go out and buy it to try this out – and if you do, it’ll only cost you a few quid.

    Credit: canyonos/Getty Images

    In the video, they said: ‘If you have kids, you know that they love tracking absolutely everywhere, and that’s never fun for when it’s time to clean your car’s interior.’

    Continuing they explained: ‘Luckily, a lot of kids also love play-doh and we found a hack that claims this popular toy will clean dirt from your seats.’

    Going on to reveal the how the Play-Doh hack was dreamed up they added: ‘The idea is that the sticky texture of Play-Doh will pick up dirt regardless of what surface it may be on. Originally Play-Doh was used as a wallpaper cleaner, back in the 1930s.’

    To make use of this clever hack to clean your car seats, you’ll need to warm up the Play Doh and mould into a flat pancake shape so that it can pick up all the crumbs in sight.

    While a few viewers pointed out in the comments section that cleaning the car seats would have been a lot easier with a vacuum cleaner, the hack can come in handy for when you don’t have one around or simply can’t be bothered to it – and all and it’s accompanying attachments – out.

    Do you think you’ll be trying out this hack next time your children have a little banquet in the back seat? Let us know in the comments!

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