Parent asks whether twelve-year-old child should buy her two best friends smartphones for Christmas

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  • A mother has sparked a debate when she questioned whether or not her 12-year-old daughter could buy smartphones for her two best friends for Christmas.

    Posting on parenting forum Mumsnet, the mother said that her daughter wanted to buy her friends the phones and her husband supported the decision, but she was left stumped as to whether it would be appropriate.

    ‘My DD (daughter), who is 12, wants to get 2 of her friends an expensive Christmas present (smartphone). My husband thinks this is fine and has found a good price but I’m not sure,’ the mother wrote in the post on Mumsnet.

    The phones, which cost £100 each, would be used for the girls to communicate with each other and play games in the evening.’The girl’s family are not very well off and I’m not sure how it will be taken. From a pride perspective I’d be p*ssed off if someone else gave my DD a phone but I’d make sure it was ok and was an intended gift.’

    The decision to potentially buy the phones sparked a range of debate on the forum.

    ‘What would you do? Also would it be better to pretend that they were old one we are regifting or new?’ asked the mum.

    ‘A second hand one might be more appropriate, I think,’ offered one user.

    ‘I don’t think this is appropriate at this age,’ said another.

    ‘How long have they been friends? What would happen if say in two months time, they decide they don’t want to be friends with your DD any longer? Would she want them to give the phones back? Why does she feel that it is ok to give them such gifts? Is it because you are well off and this is no big deal for your family?’ asked one concerned poster.

    Others believe that the gift is simply generous. ‘You have a very kind daughter, would her friend be able to afford to run the phone? I wouldn’t ask the parents,’ said another contributor.

    The parent in question did inform the thread that her own daughter would sacrifice her Christmas presents in order to get them the gift.

    ‘She wanted to buy them a laptop but we said no. We’re spending our money and she’s not getting one present for Christmas,’ said the parent. ‘The phones will be unlocked but have no SIM I really don’t want to be paying for 2 other phone contracts. We already pay for the bus for one of them to school so she can get the bus with my daughter rather than walking,’ she explained.

    Parents are expected to fork out an average of £128.80 per child on presents during the festive season, according to Barclays.

    Would you let your daughter get the smartphones for Christmas? Let us know in the comment thread below!