Halloween films for kids: Family-friendly spooky movies to watch

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  • With the seasonal aisles stocked with fake blood, vampire masks and pumpkin bowls it’s well and truly that time of year again: Halloween is almost upon us.

    Halloween is a fun time of year, and your house might already been filled with Halloween costumes, high-street Halloween food, and lots of other exciting things that roll around each October.

    To really help you get into the Halloween spirit, why not plan a film night the whole family can enjoy? It will go down a treat, especially as there’s question over whether kids can go trick or treating for Halloween 2020. We’ve put together a list of the best Halloween films for kids to help make your spooky evening a success!

    You could even make your own Halloween food or Halloween crafts to go alongside it. We have plenty of great ideas in store, and it’s a great way to get little ones involved this Halloween season. This time of year can be fun for the whole family, as there’s Halloween fun and games to suit everyone.

    But when it comes to films, you might be surprised how many family-friendly films there are that are perfect for Halloween. Spooky films aren’t just slasher fests or ghosts giving you nightmares for days, in fact, lots of the classics are a great choice for youngsters and we’re sure you’ll find plenty of titles to enjoy with the whole family.

    Halloween films

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    Best Halloween films for kids

    From Scooby Doo to Ghostbusters, there’s plenty of spooky fun to be had this Halloween. As well as the classics, there might even be some first-time watches here for you. We’ve got animated classics, live-action thrills, and films from the 8os all the way to the modern day.

    As well as why we recommend them, we’ve also included some handy information on where you can watch each film and each rating so you can decide whether or not its suitable for your little ones.

    If you need to sign up to any of the streaming services, use the links below to get started:

    Prime Video

    Let us know if you watch any of our recommendations. Enjoy!