Cooking with 3-6 year old kids

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  • Is your 3-6 year old starting to take an interest in cooking? If so, it’s the perfect time to start encouraging them to grab a spatula and get cooking. As part of our extensive cooking with kids guide, we show what they can do – and what recipes to do it with.

    From cakes to pizza, at this age you can get the kids much more involved in cooking but remember attention spans are still short so fuel their interest in cooking with quick, easy tasks and choose simple recipes too like our 10 best recipes to make with 3-6 year olds.


    It’s the perfect time to encourage them to help you out so whether it’s sprinkling cheese on a pasta bake, adding pizza toppings or putting chocolate chips to a cupcake mix, take advantage of your little helpers and teach them as you go along.

    Easy tasks they can join in with

    Kids can kick up a fuss about salad so ask them to tear and toss lettuce. It’s simple and again, it might get them munching on a few leaves too.

    There’s nothing kids like more than stirring cake or cookie dough. As they’re older now, it’ll be a little less messy than the toddlers’ attempts! Make sure they don’t lick the bowl if there were raw eggs in the mix.

    New skills to learn

    Rolling and shaping pastry. Get them a rolling pin so they can roll out playdough for practice before trying their hand at rolling or handling pastry to make these tasty treats.

    Gathering and pouring. 5-and 6-year-olds can also start learning how to gather, add and pour ingredients. You can also start teaching them how to measure accurately. Give them measuring cups for dry ingredients and show them how to level off flour and sugar with a very blunt table knife (you can do this part).

    Creativity. Kids love to get creative so ask them to decorate pizzas with healthy toppings like peppers and mushrooms to make smiley faces – there’s more chance they’ll eat their dinner too.

    Spreading with a non-sharp knife. Even aged 5 or 6, they’re too young to be cutting anything, but getting them to use a knife for spreads, supervised of course, is a safe way to introduce them to knives and how to use them.

    Where to next?

    Now it’s time to choose your recipe and get making. We’ve got lots to choose from including sausage rolls and pizza too. Click on the image below to get cooking!

    10 best recipes to make with 3-6 year olds

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