Was the Bake Off final 2018 the most controversial yet?

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  • Several Bake Off fans were not happy with the final of this year’s show and took to Twitter to share their outrage – but what did you think?

    The Great British Bake Off final aired last night (30 October) and some fans were left feeling less than impressed with the show.

    It’s the second series of Bake Off on Chanel 4 since it moved over from the BBC,  and it has been more evident than ever that the broadcaster has put its own stamp on the series.

    There was a little backlash over the first ever vegan week but people seemed to enjoy the Danish-themed show.

    Ahead of yesterday’s final, Bake Off fanatics were eager to find out what Ruby, Kim-Joy and Rahul would be creating as they stepped outside of the tent for the first time in the series’ history to bake the technical challenge.

    However, people were left disappointed and confused when it was revealed that the finalists would be making three dips and some pitta bread with many asking ‘Is this Bake Off or MasterChef?’

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    One person angrily tweeted: ‘HOW IS THIS A BAKING CHALLENGE. IT’S 70% DIPS. #GBBOFinal’.

    Another said: ‘Imagine losing a baking show because you don’t know how to manage an open fire 🙄 and three dips? is this bake off or MasterChef 🙄🙄 #GBBOFinal’.

    A third exclaimed: ‘Why are they making them bake in a random environment. It’s bake off not Bear Grylls? I also couldn’t care less if they can make an accompanying dip. That’s not baking? 🤷🏻‍♂️ #GBBO2018 #GBBOFinal’.

    And it wasn’t just the technical that ticked-off the viewers. Several were disappointed that Rahul was crowned the winner after receiving special treatment with extra time and performing badly for the past two weeks.

    One person joked: ‘It’s a FIX Justice for Kim-Joy. GET THE PITCHFORKS. NOW WE RIOT. #GBBOfinal’.

    A Kim-Joy supported wrote: ‘Really? Last in the technical, over filled donuts with too much butter cream, rubbish the last two weeks… Hmm. Should have been Kim-Joys beautiful designs and flair! #GBBOFinal’.

    Another added: ‘Based on tonight Ruby should have won. Based on the series Kim-Joy should have won. Based on at least the last two weeks Rahul should have not even been in the final.’

    Some Bake Off fans thought that Paul and Prue’s decision was very fair and challenged Rahul’s critics.

    One person said: ‘Rahul, other than one week was best baker thru series. Kimjoy could’ve won, but her showstopper wasn’t best. Ruby was lucky to get this far.’

    Another added: ‘Did you taste his bakes? No, thought not. You could tell by the reactions of Prue and Paul throughout #GBBO that overall and especially in the last showstopper, Rahul’s bakes tasted the best. So not sure how you have come to your conclusion.’

    Who do you think should have been crowned the Bake Off final winner for 2018? What did you make of the technical challenge? Head over to our Facebook page to share your thoughts!

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