Expert reveals the cheapest supermarket for Christmas dinner this year – and it’s not the one you might think

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  • With Christmas fast approaching and the receipts quickly adding up, consumer expert Which? has revealed where the most affordable offerings are coming from this year.

    The research analysed the price count of 15 different festive foods at Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose to determine which one was the cheapest supermarket Christmas dinner.

    Asda turned out on top as their Christmas dinner totalled up to just under £40 (£39.26 to be specific).

    The price included a medium turkey crown and essential festive sides such as sprouts, King Edward potatoes, parsnips, red cabbage, carrots and Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. It also included other ingredients to create the perfect Christmas feast, such as 1kg of onions and a four pack of Knorr chicken stock pots.

    Asda basket alongside some onions

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    While many had pegged Morrisons to be the winner this year after delivering some top discounts in 2020, Asda was definitely cheapest. But Morrisons did come in second place as a trolley of their Christmas dinner essentials would come to £48.35, while Tesco’s would cost £49.03 and the best of Sainsbury’s Christmas food would be £51.61.

    The most expensive was Waitrose, where shoppers buying equivalent items to those bought in Asda would spent a whopping £22 more as their total would be £62.09.

    Which? also revealed that some products like the cranberry sauce actually cost the same (£1) across all the supermarkets apart from Tesco, where it came to £1.50. Surprisingly, there was a significant price jump between the cost of a turkey crown in Asda (£12) and the same crown in Morrisons (£14.50), alongside other supermarkets like Sainsbury’s (£17.50) and Waitrose (£19).

    Christmas puddings, while not included in the report by the consumer expert, were also looked at. Asda was once again the cheapest with their classic Christmas pudding priced at 77p per 100g, followed by Morrisons (£1 per 100g), Sainsbury’s (£1.13 per 100g) and Waitrose (£1.50 per 100g).

    Commenting on the report, Natalie Hitchins from Which? said, “While price might not be everything, with a tough year behind us many shoppers will want to make sure they are getting a good deal on their Christmas food, so it’s good to know that a sackful of turkey and all the trimmings could cost you less than £40.”

    And we can’t deny, there are some amazing offerings on Christmas food from Waitrose this year and some real winners in the M&S Christmas food aisle.

    Christmas pig in blankets

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    Lidl, Iceland and Aldi weren’t included in the research by Which? as they don’t stock the same range of products as other supermarkets. However, we have it on good authority that there are some exciting deals on Christmas food coming from these stores, along with a great range of Christmas food hampers for the festive season.

    Lidl’s turkey crown wouldn’t have made the top spot in rankings for the cheapest supermarket for Christmas dinner but it does come in at one of the cheapest Christmas turkeys at a good £12.49 this year, while their Birchwood British Whole Turkey is the cheapest of all the UK supermarkets at £2.89 per kg. They’re also set to have a great range of other festive meats, such as a maple-flavoured gammon joint with crackling and a whole salmon with garlic and herb butter.

    Aldi isn’t far behind the cheapest supermarket for Christmas dinner as they’re slashing the prices on their Christmas veggies in the lead up to Christmas and reducing six different types from December 17, including potatoes and carrots. Parsnips and sprouts also set to be included in the new deals at 19p per 500g, with one swede and one red or white cabbage reduced to just 19p.