There could be a Mars Bar shortage ‘in just two weeks’ if there’s a no deal Brexit

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  • Food experts have warned that a no deal Brexit could result in a shortage of Mars Bars in as little as two weeks.

    If Mars Bars are your go-to chocolaty treat, we’ve got some potentially very bad news for you.

    Food experts have warned that in the case of a no deal Brexit, the UK could experience a Mars Bar shortage in as little as two weeks.

    The iconic chocolate nougat bar could also rocket in price if the UK is unable to strike a deal with Brussels.

    Two of the ingredients that are used to make Mars Bars the dreamy little chocoate bars they are, are imported and can go off very quickly. Therefore if imports into the UK via Dover were barred or put under extra restrictions in the case of a hard Brexit, Mars Bar production would be seriously affected.

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    Experts and representatives from the Food and Drink Federation warned Environment secretary Michael Gove that the UK’s entire supply of Mars Bars would be put at risk if it becomes more difficult to get the crucial ingredients to the chocolate factory in Slough, Berkshire.

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    Cadbury are also facing similar issues and warned that a hard Brexit could also result in the supply of Dairy Milk and Picnic bars falling.

    News that the UK’s chocolate supply could be at risk has caused quite the stir on social media.

    One person tweeted: ‘I was undecided… but the threat today that Brexit may cause a Mars Bar shortage?? …. let’s just get the hell out.’

    Another wrote: ‘Right, I’ve been canny quiet about Brexit, just sitting back and taking it all in but now the news has broke it could potentially cause a Mars bar shortage I’m not having it anymore. We need to stand up and fight for those heavenly bars before it’s too late!’

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