Parents open 10p budget food shop selling family essentials

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  • A mum and dad of three have opened a new pop-up shop to offer cash-strapped families access to cheap everyday food essentials from as little as 10p.

    The idea was thought up by husband and wife duo Nathaniel and Bethanie Richards who had previously been forced to use food banks to feed their family. Following their experience they wanted to give something back to the community, and saw a gap in the market for inexpensive essentials to help others who were struggling financially.

    Items in the shop, which is called Nifties, are priced at no more than 70p each, with many of them costing just 10p. According to Nathaniel, items sold out on the first day and he was forced to go out and buy more ’emergency supplies’.

    Originally the shop, which is based in Dover, was only meant to be open for six days but Nathaniel has revealed that the Deputy Mayor in their town had agreed to pay a month’s rent on the shop, allowing it to stay open until the end of July.

    Speaking about the concept of the shop Nathaniel said: ‘Our approach is really simple; we purchase reduced products, such as short dated or damaged items from supermarkets and other stores, and pass these savings on to our customers.

    ‘These products are still within their use-by dates, so they are perfectly edible.’

    Products include favourites from brands like Heinz, Old El Paso, Nestle, Kellogg’s Jacob’s and Loyd Grossman as well as sweets like lollipops and chocolate bars.

    Nathaniel has estimated that a weekly shop for a family should cost around £3 from his shop because of the huge discount offered to customer.

    Nathaniel is confident that his small shop could have a big impact, saying: ‘Get down here and support us. It sounds cheesy but together we can tackle food poverty down here.’

    ‘No one deserves to go hungry.’ He said, before adding that he won’t stop until: ‘every man woman and child has the availability to get dinner on their plate’

    Having gathered huge support from members of the community, Nathaniel has since been approached by people all over the country who want him to set up one of his shops near them. ‘Everywhere wants what we’re doing,’ says the dad of three. He also took time to thank all the volunteers who had stepped forward to help his little shop become such a success.

    If you’re in the Dover area, you can find the shop in the Charlton Shopping Centre. And if you’ve already been we’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment in the section below.