Tesco is offering big discounts on your favorite chocolates

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  • The first day of the year always brings good intentions.

    We vow to give up all our vices like sweets, snacks and chocolate, and focus on being healthy and making better choices for our bodies.

    But making it through the cold, dreary and work-packed month of January without a bite of chocolate is easier said than done, especially if you’re embarking on a diet- or lifestyle-altering programme like Veganuary or Dry January.

    So leading supermarket Tesco is bringing you a deal (or two) to make it just that bit easier to get through the first month of the year.

    While the Terry’s Chocolate Orange may be a classic icon of Christmas time and all the sugary treats that it brings, what’s to say that it can’t be eaten come the bluest month of the calendar?

    Whip up this Terry’s Chocolate Orange Fondant Cake

    Some hard core fans munch away on the chocolatey segments all year round – and we are definitely including ourselves in those numbers.

    Well Tesco is on our wavelength with this month’s killer deal.

    They are selling Terry’s Chocolate Oranges for half of their original price!

    tesco valentines chocolate offers

    Credit: Tesco

    Down from £2 to only £1 each, our favourite variety of orange will be on offer from today all the way until 14th February, AKA Valentine’s Day.

    So if you’re making any care packages to your love pop one of these in for good measure.

    And that’s not all.

    The leading grocery store has also cut prices on one of the nation’s other favourite sweet treats.

    Big bars of Toblerone are down from £4.50 to £3.50 during the same time period.

    tesco valentines chocolate offers

    Credit: Tesco

    You can get 360g bars of the honey and nougat-filled Swiss chocolate, which last year reverted to their original shape after backlash from fans, and there are three flavours available for you to pick from.

    Choose from the original version, the Fruit Nut block, which has raisins and almonds added the classic chocolate, or Crispy Coconut, which features sugar-coated desiccated coconut.

    Both offers are available online and in stores around the country, so you better get adding to your basket before they’re up.

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