McDonald’s fans plead with fast food giant to start selling the new McVegan burger in the UK

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  • McDonald’s decision to launch a vegan burger has sent fans of fast food into a frenzy on social media.

    The aptly named ‘McVegan’ first appeared on menus in Finland back in October last year and proved to be a huge hit during its trial period.

    Wondering what the burger consists of?

    The McVegan features a patty made from soya protein topped with a dollop of mayonnaise that’s safe for anyone abstaining from animal products to eat. A slice of tomato, a couple of gherkins and strips of shredded lettuce are also added to maximise flavour.

    And sure to add to its appeal, the burger’s soft bun is gluten-free.

    The exciting new addition to the McDonald’s menu is currently only available in Scandinavia – it can just be ordered at 210 outlets in Sweden and a further 60 in Finland at present.

    Desperate to get their hands on the exciting creation, McDonald’s lovers have taken to Twitter to urge the chain to start selling the burger in other countries.

    [twitter] [/twitter]

    Keen to see it on offer in the UK, one user said: ‘@McDonaldsUK @McDonaldsUKNews for the love of god, don’t you like money?! Launch the McVegan in London already.’

    Another agreed: Another added: ‘Come on @McDonalds I wanna see the McVegan in the UK, the vegans and veggies of the world are waiting on you:))🥑.’

    McVegan fever has even spread to other parts of the globe, with many pleading for it to be released everywhere from Hungary to the US.

    ‘@McDonalds Please bring the McVegan to Hungary. I guess I could say… that we are Hungary for it,’ quipped one.

    Another stated: ‘Why does Europe get all the cool vegan food (such as vegan cheese at pizza chains and the McVegan) before the United States?’

    What do you think? Would you like to see the McVegan burger added to McDonald’s menus in the UK? Let us know what you think in the comments below!