5 homemade pizzas

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  • One of the best things about going out for pizza is that you get to ‘create your own’ in the restaurant. Extra pepperoni, double mozzarella, easy on the anchovies… Whatever you want, you get. Which is why making your own pizza at home is such a great idea. The choice of toppings is entirely yours – as is the portion control! It’s also a cheap alternative to takeaway or eating out with Tesco Everyday Value Pizza Bases at only £1.40 for 2.

    We’ve got five fabulous suggestions you and the kids, might like to try. Making your own pizzas is great fun, but it’s also a good way to get the children interested in cooking.

    As well as the pizza bases, you’ll need: For the tomato base you can use a specially made shop-bought pizza topping sauce, or you could use a plain tomato puree. You’ll also need a big block of Cheddar cheese, grated. Have a look in the cupboard and pull out any herbs or spices you think the kids, or your guests might like. Basil, oregano and chilli flakes work well.

    Traditional Hawaiian
    This classic pizza combination is made with pineapple and ham. Chop the ham up into small chunks and make sure the pineapple is thinly sliced. It’s also a good idea to dry any excess juice off the pineapple by putting it on some kitchen paper before it goes on the pizza. Nobody likes a soggy bottom.
    FOR A TWIST: Add barbecue sauce to the tomato base to really bring the flavours to life.
    Ingredients: Tesco Everyday Value Pineapple – 84p and Tesco Everyday Value Ham 400g.

    Spicy chicken and sweetcorn
    Chicken tikka on a pizza? That’s 2 homemade takeaways in one! Add sweetcorn to your curried chicken topping for a succulent, sweet touch. Keep the chunks of chicken small so the cheese in between melts and goes golden.
    FOR A TWIST: Get some yoghurt to dip your pizza slices in. It’ll cool and complement the heat of the chicken.
    Ingredients: Tesco Everyday Value Chunky Chicken Tikka 240g – £1.99 and Tesco Everyday Value Sweetcorn 325g – 35p.

    Vegetarian feast

    This is a great way to get lots of vitamins into the kids’ dinners without them knowing it! You can use loads of different veg, but a fabulous combination is mushrooms, tomatoes and thinly sliced peppers. Drizzle a little olive oil over the mushrooms to stop them drying out in the oven.
    FOR A TWIST: Chop up some olives and mix them into the tomato base for a rich, Mediterranean flavour
    Ingredients: Tesco Everyday Value Closed Cap Mushrooms 400g – 95p, Tesco Everyday Value Peppers 500g – £1.07 and Tesco Everyday Value Tomatoes 500g – 75p.

    Breakfast pizza
    This recipe isn’t for the feint-hearted – it’s a Full English on a pizza! You might want to cook up all of the topping ingredients before hand to make sure they’re cooked through. And make sure the bacon and sausage bits are bite-sized.

    FOR A TWIST: Use brown sauce as a dipping sauce with this pizza for the full breakfast experience.Ingredients: Tesco Everyday Value Smoked Back Bacon 300g – £1.44, Tesco Everyday Value Eggs (6) – 85p, Tesco Everyday Value Closed Cap Mushrooms 400g – 95p and Tesco Everyday Value 8 Sausages 454g – 56p.

    You can’t go wrong with this classic cheese and tomato pizza. Use Cheddar and mozzarella together to get a great taste and that stretchy cheese effect.
    FOR A TWIST: A few chopped red chillies will give this traditional combination a real kick.
    Ingredients: Tesco Everyday Value Mozzarella 125g – 44p and Tesco Everyday Value Tomatoes 500g – 75p.

    How to cook
    Simply get your pizza base, spread on the tomato sauce and then load on your toppings. Cook in a hot oven on the top shelf until the edge of the pizza is browning and crisp and the cheese is bubbling.

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