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  • I’ve never written a blog before and if I’m honest I’m not sure what I should be blogging on about. I suppose I could start by saying I’m forty-something, no point in being too honest! I have three kids, Elliot 20, Haydn 13 and Eliza 11, one husband, Martin and two cats, tabby brothers Fred and Archie.

    Apart from loving my job as editor-in-chief of goodtoknow and editor of Pick Me Up magazine (why do one job in a day when you can do two, eh?) I like all sorts of ordinary stuff. Reading – can’t get enough of homes mags – watching far too many of those property programmes where people find new homes in the sun or by the sea or in the country – to be honest this is a bit of an obsession! What else do I like? My house of course, which we moved into last year after two years of being gazumped, gazundered and everything in between. I swear I was a woman on the edge. I eat far too much chocolate, love cake, talk about exercise and wonder if there’s any chance I could learn to skate without putting a hip out. That Dancing on Ice is brilliant!

    I’m also a complete slushball when it comes to animals and am especially fond of pandas, which is why I love this YouTube clip so much. I’m going to be blogging every day from now on, which will no doubt give you a terrifying insight into my life. I’ll warn you now, last week the only exciting thing that happened to me was pressing re-dial on my mobile by mistake so Martin suddenly got a text message saying: ‘…about eleven’. Now do you see why I watch so many of those property programmes! Anyway, I hope that hasn’t put you off. See you tomorrow!

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