Big Brother nine contestants

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  • The 16 new 2009 contestants have arrived in the new Big Brother house.

    The new set – which has been billed as the biggest yet – features a sumptuous bathroom with gold statues and blue velvet sofas.

    But it’s built right next to the lounge.

    There’s a huge window between the bathroom and the lounge and in the garden, the central swimming pool makes a return – as does a giant over-sized ashtray.

    The bright red kitchen area is also ultra modern.

    But the dormitory-style shared bedroom is more basic, with budget single beds and filing cabinets instead of cupboards.

    The new contestants are…

    Darnell, 26, is a songwriter from London.
    Dennis, 23, is a dance student and teacher from Edinburgh.
    Mum-of-one Jennifer, 22, is a part-time model from Durham.
    Kathreya, originally from Thailand

 is a massage therapist.
    Alexandra is 23, an accounts executive and is from Croydon.
    Mario, whose real real name is Shaun is 42

, from Warrington

 and used to be a Tag Officer at the Home Office.
    Lisa is 40 and from Warrington and works in sales.
    Luke is a 2-year-old student from Wigan, he’s also a part-time pro-wrestling announcer

    Dale, 21, is a student and DJ from Liverpool.
    Michael (Mikey) is from Ayshire, Scotland

 He’s a 33-year-old radio producer. Michael lost his sight when he was 23.
    Mohamed, 23, is a toy demonstrator from London.
    Rachel, 24 is a drama and English student from Wales.
    Rebecca’s 21, from Coventry and runs a Kindergarten. Rex is from London and is an executive chef.
    Liverpudlian Stephanie is Maths student and is 19.
    Sylvia lives in South London but was originally from Sierra Leone, she’s 21.
    Rex, 24, is a millionaire’s son, lives in London and is a chef.

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