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    There has been a recent return in popularity of the trampoline and it is no wonder why. Jumping on a trampoline is a fun, healthy form of exercise and not just a toy for kids! Adults will find jumping on a trampoline much easier on the joints than walking or jogging.

    Plus trampoline jumping improves coordination and muscles in your legs, thighs, hips and abdomen are all used when exercising on a fitness trampoline.
    Here is why our Dolmio Star family, the Cannons love their trampoline:

    “For me this has been one of the best prizes we won. Since Paul put it together the first weekend the girls have spent every possible minute on it. Sometimes they even just go down and chill out on it!! They have improved immensely on it and now taken to making dance routines on it to show us!

    8ft is the perfect size for the two girls to be able to jump together and surprisingly it hasn’t swamped the garden.

    Having the trampoline has encouraged the girls to go in the garden when otherwise they definitely would not. This means they are not only getting great exercise but fresh air too.

    I would certainly advocate to anyone buying a trampoline to get the safety net though without one there would be lots of accidents!

    For me the trampoline has brought back childhood memories of when I used to have trampoline classes so I love going on it too!”

    A large trampoline can be a fun, outdoor activity for the whole family. Be safe and enjoy! To win your own trampoline enter our fabulous competition. We have six 8ft outdoor trampolines to give away!

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