Breakfast at Anna’s

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  • I’m very bad at eating breakfast. There, I’ve confessed! Well, actually I’m very bad at eating breakfast when most people eat breakfast, early in the morning. There’s something about waking up, having a shower and then eating at home that just doesn’t agree with me. It’s not that I avoid breakfast altogether – there’s a canteen in my building so I race upstairs the second I’m in the office for a couple of rounds of granary toast and peanut butter, or some porridge with honey. And then I’m happy until lunch.

    The weekends are a different story, though. Perhaps because I wake up later I’m ready for breakfast as soon as I open my eyes. So I’m going to share with you my all-time favourite weekend breakfast and I can make it in under five minutes.

    Eggs Benedict

    Serves: 2 Preparation time: Under 5 minutes

    2 eggs 2 onion bagels Bag of rocket 4 slices of parma ham Jar of ready-made Hollandaise sauce (I like Maille Sauce Hollandaise, £1.12 from Tesco)

    To make:
    – Place eggs in poached egg microwave container, £3.91, from Lakeland, or just poach two eggs in boiling water in a frying pan. I put the eggs in the microwave for 1 min 15 seconds, but time will depend on your microwave and how runny you like your eggs!
    – Meanwhile, slice the bagels in half through the middle and lightly toast.
    – When the bagels are toasted, butter, then spread with Hollandaise sauce.
    – Layer two slices of parma ham on each bagel, along with a bed of rocket.
    – Remove eggs from the container/frying pan and add to the top of the pile.
    – Finish with a dollop of hollandaise on top and a sprinkling of coriander.

    And, as our friend Gordon would say… Done!