Chantelle’s pain over new teeth

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  • When Chantelle Houghton was offered veneers to make her teeth look whiter and straighter, she jumped at the chance.

    Little did she realise they’d cause her constant, excruciating pain and leave her unable to eat or even kiss her new boyfriend Rav Wilding.

    ‘I thought: “Wow, a Hollywood smile – yes please,” but it turned into the makeover from hell,’ reveals Chantelle, 27.

    ‘Although I got the £25k veneers for a reduced price, it still cost me over £6,000. I can’t name the dentist as I’m seeking legal advice.’

    Chantelle first visited the dentist in November to have her teeth shaved down before the veneers were fitted a few weeks later.

    ‘As soon as I got in the chair I was panicking,’ she recalls. ‘I made the dentist aware that I grind my teeth in my sleep, but they didn’t tell me that if that’s the case, you’re not a good candidate for veneers.

    ‘I had 20 teeth shaved down to stumps in one appointment. It was hell.’

    Chantelle’s veneers were fitted on 28 December.

    ‘When I left the clinic five hours later I was in agony,’ she says. ‘It felt like electricity was running through my teeth.

    ‘I got horrific aches in my jaw – it felt like I couldn’t relax the muscles or bite down properly – which began to impact on the nerves around my ears, so my hearing started to go.

    ‘I went back a few days later and the dentist drilled into my teeth and gave me painkillers, but the pain came back a few hours later.

    ‘A friend nearly took me to hospital because I was crying my eyes out.’

    Finally, Chantelle visited a new clinic in London’s Harley Street for help. ‘He looked at my teeth and knew straight away that the veneers were too big, so my back teeth weren’t meeting when I bit down,’ she says.

    ‘He also told me I had an infection on the roof of my mouth because the first dentist had caught it with his drill.

    ‘I’d give anything to turn back the clock because it’s not worth going through what I’ve been through just for whiter teeth. Even my boob job was a walk in the park compared to this.’

    Read the full story about Chantelle Houghton and her teeth and see the pictures in Now magazine dated 28 February 2011 – out now!

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