Cheese ice cream anyone?

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  • As the food ed of goodtoknow I get lots of lovely things sent to me by food companies wanting me to try their products and make sure their brands stick in my mind.

    Nothing makes us happier in this office when we’ve hit the 4 o-clock slump and are thinking about our dinners, than when a large box arrives addressed to me because we all know what this means… Food!! So everyone stops work for a minute and gathers round while we unpack whatever I’ve been sent. And if it’s something we can eat immediately it makes us very happy indeed. We’ve had cakes, biscuits, crisps, cheese, bread and chocolate puddings among other things. Yum!

    Then yesterday, a parcel arrived in a polystyrene case. Food!! So we opened it up…. 9 scoops of ice cream! I quickly read the press release that came with it to find out what flavour each one was as everyone ran to grab a spoon. It was from a hotel-booking company and it said that each one captured the Taste of Britain in a single lick. Flavours included yorkshire pudding, sausage and mash, cornish pasty, red leicester cheese, shortbread, clotted cream, black pudding and Kendal mint cake. Yuck! Some of the team were really brave and got stuck in, trying to guess which one was which and pulled faces at how horrible some of them were. I stuck to the Kendal mint cake, well, mint’s an ice cream flavour I can get my head round!

    Of course we then decided it would be very funny to invite our technical support team to help us eat it without telling them they were all weird flavours. But as soon as they arrived they were suspicious that a team of women wanted to share some ice cream with them, so we had to confess. Thankfully you can’t buy these in the shops – well I can’t see haggis ice cream outselling the chocolate variety… it was a very strange flavour indeed. So what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Can you beat cheese ice cream?