Chipped nails?

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  • Isn’t it annoying when after just 2 days your nice new nail varnish chips? And do you always get that nervous feeling after doing your nails that, even though they are touch dry, they still might smudge, so you have to do everything using just the palms of your hands – and you can bet that straightaway you’ll get an itchy nose.

    Last night I went to the So Fabulous nail salon in London, to have a Bio Sculpture manicure

    A Bio Sculpture manicure is different to having acrylic nails or any other nail polish because they use a coloured gel, which lasts for 3 weeks, yes, 3 weeks! And there are no fumes or damage to the nail.

    You can choose from around 60 shades. I fancied something in-between a shimmery plum and a translucent blue but the colour didn’t exist. So the nail technician mixed a bespoke colour, just for me, which was then given my name – fame at last! If I’d wanted a colour to match a bag or pair of shoes the nail technician could make up that colour too.

    The colour was sealed with a UVA lamp and was completely dry immediately. I was able to pick up my bag, drink a cup of tea, even run my fingers through my hair – no smudges, smears or stickiness. And my nails will stay like this for 3 weeks!

    What’s also really clever about a Bio Sculpture manicure or pedicure is that you can have a French, neutral or pale colour, paint a regular nail varnish over the top, just for a special occasion, take off the regular nail polish and your Bio Sculpture manicure will be left completely in tact.

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