Christmas perfumes

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  • Perfume can be the best and the worst gift at Christmas. The best because if it’s the right perfume, it’s a real treat – the worst when it’s a perfume that you can’t stand!

    Here a few tips for choosing the right scent:

    Buying for others
    1. If you know what they already like but can’t afford the fragrance buy the matching body lotion or soap instead.

    2. Think about what sort of perfume they normally like, is it flowery, spicy, woody or fresh?

    3. Think about what designers or celebrities they like. Perfumes are designed with the designer/celebrity in mind.

    Buying for yourself
    1. Test a little on your wrist or inner elbow and leave it for a while before you buy. This will give the scent the chance to react with your natural smell and you’ll know if it suits you or not.

    2. If you’re overwhelmed by smelling perfume all afternoon grab a coffee and take a deep breath. The scent of coffee clears the nose.

    OK, so you’ve found the perfect perfume, how do you make it last?
    1. Apply the perfume just after you’ve got out of the shower/bath and if you don’t have a matching body lotion use something unscented.

    2. Spray a little on your clothes – but not delicate materials as it will stain – and squirt one drop into the palm of your hands and rub through your hair.

    3. Have you noticed how sometimes a perfume just disappears on you? Try applying it to the warmer areas of the body, such as the cleavage, wrists, inner elbows and back of the knees.

    And if you’re still not sure which scent to buy, take a look at the top 10 perfumes according to The Perfume Shop

    1. Chanel Coco Mademoilselle

    2. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique

    3. Chanel No.5

    4. Gucci by Gucci

    5. Theirry Mugler Angel

    6. Calvin Klein Secret Obsession

    7. Armani Code for Women

    8. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

    9. Christina Aguilera Inspire

    10. Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame

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