Dancing on Ice

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  • There were two highlights to my weekend, the first was the weather which was so lovely I hung washing out for the first time since I can’t remember when. Yes, I did wash at 30… The other was watching Dancing on Ice which I reckon is a great example of good old-fashioned ‘family viewing’.

    I love sitting down with the kids on a Sunday evening to watch it and then arguing over who we’re going to vote for. When I was little I used to watch Saturday night at the London Palladium with my parents. Or was that Sunday night? I’m going back into the mists of time here. I even remember Z Cars for God’s sake and that was in black and white! Anyway, back to the point. Eliza, my 11 year-old and I both love Chris Fountain. He’s in Hollyoaks which I’ve never seen, but to my horror Eliza knows well! Anyway, I’d pay money to watch him skate I know that much. He was brilliant on Saturday and got our vote. It was definitely time for Tim Vincent to go – Greg Rudeski next week, don’t you think? Or maybe Steve Blakley. They’re both rigid from the waist up. That’s fine for me to say, of course, I’d be rigid and on a stretcher within five minutes on the ice. I wouldn’t be in one of those skimpy outfits either. I wonder if there’s a sarong equivilent for the older lady skater? Anyway, we both hate the judge Jason, but then that’s what he’s there for I suppose. Sometimes the things he says are constructive, which is what I thought the point was, but others he’s just so rude. If I was one of those celebs he’s belitted on national television I’d be plotting my revenge. Wouldn’t it be great to see him on the ice? I think the panel should do a group number. Even better let’s get the lovely Phillip Schofield up there too!