Does TV kill conversation?

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  • One of the signs of madness is meant to be talking to yourself but do you think it could be a good thing? If I see someone on the bus who’s talking to themselves, I tend to give them a wide berth. If I see a person talking on their hands-free mobile in the street I can’t help but think they’re bonkers or showing off, but when you talk to the TV, that’s ok, isn’t it?

    The other night I heard my mum talking very loudly:
    Mum: Yes, yes, I quite agree. No! No! They can’t do that, yes, no, no, you’re absolutely right!
    Me: What?
    Mum: Oh, are you talking to me?
    Me: Yes, who are talking to? What’s happened?
    Mum: China wants to buy our snooker championships!
    Me: What?
    Mum: They’ve just said, during the snooker tournament, that China are putting in a bid to buy our championships – we might as well all move to flipping China!
    Me: Hmm, yes, mum. So, who were you talking to?
    Mum: The telly

    On Saturday night, my sister and I watched Strictly and had our own running commentary throughout the programme: Ooh I like her hair, ooh yes, look at the dress, oh I didn’t like his footwork, ooh that Anthony thinks sooo much of himself, etc.
    Then, when I went into the kitchen to make tea, my sis continued talking but not with me, with the TV!

    I guess one of the reasons reality television is so popular is because it encourages us to have a view on something or someone, and interact with what’s happening on the screen. Do you ever chat to the TV? Does it ever make you so angry that you shout at the box? I’d love to know what gets you going.