Easter fun and a 5k run

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  • I have a confession to make. I’ve eaten the ears off a chocolate rabbit. I’d have eaten a lot more too if the kids hadn’t whipped it when I was flicking through the newspaper.

    I’ve been so good eating healthily but then Easter came along and I was out of my normal routine. That meant some good things too. We took the kids down to Hastings on Saturday and went for a long walk on the beach. It didn’t even feel that cold because we’d put so many clothes on! When it started hailing we went and had fish and chips. Well, you’ve got to when you’re at the seaside, haven’t you? But I didn’t eat the batter (agony!) and only had a few chips. Then we went and played crazy golf in the sleet. It was hilarious! Easter Sunday felt more like Christmas Day what with all that snow and my parents coming over for a big roast. I made that hot cross bun pudding Jamie Oliver’s been talking about on the telly. It was de-licious.
    So there went my diet again. Anyway, I’m back on the straight and narrow now.

    Although I’m doing okay-ish with eating healthily. I still haven’t started exercising. The honest reason for this is that there isn’t a single sport I enjoy doing and I can’t swim. Sink like a stone. It’s a shame, otherwise I could have taken up surfing, like the clever little devil in this video!

    Goodtoknow’s Diet & Food editor Anna (far right in the picture) and my friend Karen are doing one of those Race for Life 5k runs. Well, I say run, last year Karen did it and walked! She said it was a fantastic event and that she had a huge amount of fun talking to the other women there who were all being sponsored to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Most of them had lost friends and relatives to the disease and were doing the 5k in their memory. Makes you feel humble, doesn’t it? Anyway, I’ve made my mind up. Next year, I’ll be doing that 5k. And I won’t be walking. I’ll be fit enough to run. You read it here first!