Quick and easy Easter bunny mask

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  • Need a way to keep the kids entertained today? Host an Easter bonnet party! It’s so easy – print out our ready-made Easter bunny templates from below, follow the instructions and ta-da! You’ll have your own little bunnies hopping around.

    How to make an Easter bunny mask

    You will need:

    White A4 thin card (or paper)

    A colour printer


    A glue stick


    1. Download and print out both Easter bunny mask templates below, using thin, white A4 card (you can use normal white paper but the mask won’t be as sturdy).

    Click on the links below to open the templates.

    You must save the template to your computer first, and then open up the file so that it will print at the right size:
    Easter bunny template 1
    Easter bunny template 2

    Don’t worry if you haven’t got a colour printer, the kids can colour in the ears, nose and eyes using whatever colours they like.

    2. Cut out all of the printed shapes.

    3. Stick the three thick, grey strips together to make one long strip for the headband.

    4. Measure the headband around your child’s head.

    5. Join the ends together and trim off any excess card.

    6. Now get your kids to stick the rest of the Easter bunny’s features to the headband using the picture above.

    7. It’s probably easiest for them to start with the bridge of the nose (Part A) so that they can line up the eyes and the ears (parts C & D) either side of it.

    8. You might also need to trim the bridge of the nose (part A) so that the end is in line with your child’s nose, before sticking on the bunny’s nose (Part B).

    In less than fifteen minutes you’ll have your own herd of bunnies hopping around your warren… they might even eat some carrots if you’re lucky!

    And if you do get them dressed up for Easter we’d love to hear from you and see your photographs, so send us a message!