Games Developer

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  • Hi. My name is Simon and I help build and create computer games. My official job title is Lead Scripter, which basically means I build scenarios for games using a computer scripting language. The most famous game I have worked on is probably, ‘Driver – Parallel lines’. As well as creating games we also test them, which is great fun. We look out for bugs and record any problems as we play.

    We also test other people’s games too, as it’s really important that we understand what the competition is doing.

    Maths and Physics A-levels gave me a good grounding to do a Games Programming degree and I use physics everyday, when scripting characters, cars, backgrounds and camera angles for the games. I love working in a fun environment with a really supportive team. I can wear whatever I like and get paid to play computer games. It’s a dream job!

    Did you know?

    You can earn from £19,000 to £55,000 as a Games Developer.

    High profile game releases have massive launch parties and everyone who worked on it is invited!

    As a Games Developer you could be involved in the next game to become a global craze like Grand Theft Auto.

    You get to test all the latest games before they hit the shelves.

    As well as creating computer games, handheld games and console games, you could also be involved in Arcade games, Quiz machine games, and flash games for mobiles and the internet.

    Working hours can be quite flexible in Games Development

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