Going grey?

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  • Who’d have thought Tom Jones would spark a debate about hair colour? The Welsh crooner has stopped dying his hair jet black and let the natural grey shine through – the silver fox!

    I think he looks much better – men and hair dye are rarely a good combination. But what about women?

    When we get our first grey hair many of us panic and think this is the end of our youth. But the reality is that women as young as 16 get grey hairs. All that’s happening is the natural pigment is fading from our hair and our skin. This is part of the ageing process and it’s why our hair goes grey and our skin tone changes.

    Going grey and maintaining grey hair is a big subject and I don’t want to bore anyone, but here are a few tips and tricks if you’re going grey:

    If you’re dying your hair at home check that the dye covers grey because not all do. And choose your colour wisely, if you’ve gone almost completely grey, your skin tone will have changed too, so your natural colour might wash you out. Go for a lighter shade instead.

    If you’re going to the hairdresser’s ask their opinion on what hair colour would suit you now, not before you went grey. And beware of red shades as they can fade quickly.

    If you’ve got salt and pepper grey hair try a few streaks. Warm blonde and chestnut can really pick up your colour.

    Grey hair shows up cigarette smoke and general city pollution. So you need to find a shampoo that gets rid of this but also leaves your hair brighter (grey hair can also look dull due to the lack of pigment). Many of these grey hair shampoos and conditioners are bright blue or purple, but don’t worry they won’t colour your hair, blue/purple colour neutralises any discoloration.

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    Grey hair is coarser than regular hair so choose a conditioner especially for grey hair.

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